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Our reason behind this The247Tech is to develop a native Tech website for Our Users who can understand the things very easily. The second good this about The247Tech is that every single thing is verified again so that It won’t confuse the users. Everything on The247Tech is completely original. Some of the Images are referred from their owners and all credits to them. The Images with The247Tech watermark belong to us only. No reproductions are allowed from them. If you want to use our Images then a complete linking is necessary.

Vivek Rajput – CEO, Founder of The247Tech

Vivek Rajput The247Tech

Vivek Rajput is the CEO and founder of The247Tech. The main motive behind this website was to play with gadgets and tricks. Today The247Tech is popular among young Tech lovers, and it is growing day by day.

Vivek loves the Tech, but after his Music. He now runs The247Tech also he writes Review, makes YouTube Videos. You can connect with Vivek on Social media via Facebook, TwitterGoogle+, Pinterest.
Instagram: @ShadyVivek, Snapchat: @ShadyVivek, Queries? :

Aradhna Sharma – Co-Founder of The247Tech

Aradhna Sharma is the Co-Founder of The247Tech; she joined the Website as the chief editor. She loves to express the nature via stories.

Aradhna has an outstanding sense of Trends. We cover the Travel with tech so, Aradhna will cover the Travel-Tech part with our team. Query:

We are looking forward to working with Technology lovers or brands. We are not connected to any company personally.