The cover of the folder made by System magazine options the names of this unholy trinity: Kanye, Juergen & Kim, which provides North American country a fast indication of the hierarchy – during this trio it goes stylist, artist, then model. The title recollects Rita, Sue and Bob Too!, and intriguingly – despite being shot within the French rural area – it will recall the Bradford landscape of the 1987 classic too. It’s most likely unintentional, however given Teller’s predilection for excessively traditional snaps, he may have had the film on his mood board. What we all know for sure is that Kim and Kanye square measure cuddling. Not very cuddling, as a result of that may be quite unfashion. They’re stage fondling – their lips barely touching. It isn’t the primary time the combine are forced into a personal organiser for fashion. They’ve done it in an exceedingly Balmain ad and went the total faux-raunch for L’Officiel Hommes. this technique version is essentially a showcase for his or her wonderful facial hair.

Fashion show goers square measure at home with the sight of the artist in breezy running shirts, Nineteen Eighties trainers and on-display thighs. To the uninitiated, it’s a little odd. The down coat isn’t the plain companion to a combine of shorts, neither is a woolly hat, therefore once more intentional incongruousness. The hiker’s stick and also the wheelie baggage may contain his camera kit (unlikely; he takes the lo-fi approach) or may simply be a lot of intentional strangeness. Is Teller taking part in the role of Associate in Nursing retiring rambler UN agency has come upon a peroxide divinity UN agency has raided the underclothes department? UN agency is aware of, however this one is quite genius.

 Lying in grass with underclothes On this proof – and on the proof of his catwalk show back in February –Kanye West’s styling will be moderately summed up as Nineteen Eighties British mercantile establishment. He’s everywhere the hosiery department – brown tights, black stockings, whatever, he clearly loves it. The addition of some champagne shapewear will nothing to undo this theory. She is probably going sporting therefore very little in an exceedingly field as a result of fashion – and Teller – likes to be inconsistent. however what with the mercantile establishment vibes, the grass and also the bandeau, I can’t facilitate however suppose Kanye was heavily influenced by the M&S “I’m normal” advert, wherever she runs up hill within the nude.
It would be nice if this image was concerning tedium – Kim therefore tired of something with being attentive to Kanye and Juergen banging on concerning “mood” and “rawness” that she has opted to snooze. however it isn’t. It’s concerning luxury. The thick arm rest in pale animal skin that you just solely get between the seats within the back of a extremely fashionable automobile could be a very little reminder that tho’ the shoot is also raw and odd however they’re still, like, super rich. The (presumably real) fur coat-cum-pillow is there simply just in case you were left in any doubt on their wealth.