After announcing the OnePlus X, This Chinese smartphone maker has released its photography related app called Reflexion.  It’s Available for free download on both the iOS and Android platforms, OnePlus says the app is inspired by and borrows its philosophy from the OnePlus X. This will be free for future too.


According to OnePlus, Reflexion is about “exploring contrasts and harmony in everyday moments.” The main significance of the app is the fact that you can use both the front and rear camera to capture the image. On opening the app, you are first prompted to click an image with the front-camera and next with the rear camera.

The app basically divides a square display diagonally and each camera can be used to click an image which fills opposite triangles.

reflexion1 (1)

OnePlus has also started a page on Instagram to popularise its #reflexion hashtag and in effect the app.

reflexionThe triangles are filled in a way that they appear to be mirror images of each other. You can drag the photos around the X intersection to improve your finals and then export it to your favourite social media apps.