Flyme Os 5.1.3

Note: Flyme Account is removed from this Global Version.


  1. Group chat assistant: when sending a message to a group of people, the system will recognize the contact name and send the message with each contact’s name in it.
  2. Optimized multi-selecting experience to solve the freeze in checking multiple dialogues and pinning a dialogue on top;
  3. Optimized the freezing issue when to mark a bunch of messages as read;
  4. Optimized the algorithm to fix the occasional message analysis bug;
    Floating notifications: Quick replies to SMSs are available in floating notifications.


  • Added a display in Notification panel to show the app which is currently using GPS, and users can disable it directly on the panel.Optimized the icon for creating a new event in Calendar, Messages and
  • Memos in which the icon is now put in the middle.
  • Optimized Wi-Fi connection.
  • Optimized the Talkback support for system apps;
  • Optimized the boot speed, which is more prominent when the system installs a lot of apps.
  • Fixed the bug of the mCharge becomes slower than usual after a period of using.
  • Fixed the occasional system rebooting for no reason.
  • Fixed the occasional bug of the phone being unable to be unlocked by fingerprint after reboot;
  • Optimized system translation.


  • Fixed the bug when unplug the charger, the charging icon on status bar still exists;
  • Fixed the music background under locked screen where the background was not changing according to the song and the song display was not consistent with the song actually played;


  • Optimized the floating notification duration from 10 seconds to 5 seconds;
  • Fixed the problem when to pull down the notification bar in English system, the date is missing weekday;
  • Fixed the abnormal real-time network speed when enabling mobile data;


  • Adjusted the incoming call answering options.Users can define their own rejecting messages now;
  • Added the function of answering calls by long press volume key;
  • Optimized the popped up options when hold a call history entry;
  • Optimized the contact selecting page where users can now select contacts in groups;


  • Fixed the bug of when playing music in background, the volume would suddenly go up once the user enters the Music app;
  • Fixed the bug when listen to the music via earphone with the equalizer turned on, there would be a crackle noise when hangup a call;


  • Enhanced permission management for privacy protection;
    Optimized the option by which users can choose custom power-saving mode;
  • Fixed the bug when the phone is under Supermode, there would be no unread message notifications for new messages;
  • Fixed the blank icon bug of some Google widgets;


  • Optimized the layout for Remote;
  • Added remark names for each picture folders
  • Fixed the wrong icon bug for some apks;


  • Optimized auto download logic where anotification will be displayed once the upgrade is downloaded;
  • Adjusted the notification of downloading failure;


  • Fixed the bug of skipping service selecting page when booting an international version phone.
  • Fixed the missing of the Privacy Statement in traditional Chinese-HK.

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