Google recently released a new generation smartphone named Pixel. The only first smartphone to feature the Android 7.1. Google released 7.1 just after the 7.0 it did not take a long time. However, Here are the official Android 7.1 features for everyone!

Here is the Official Android 7.1 Features Analysis for Developers:

  • Daydream VR support.
  • A / B system updates.
  • Application shortcuts.
  • Keyboard support image.

Android 7.1 Features

The Best Android 7.1 Features For Everyone!

  1. The App Shortcuts API: Allows developers to directly display the initial operation in the launcher so that users can perform a deep functional application immediately. Developers up statically or dynamically create five shortcuts. Somewhat similar to the 3D Touch menu.
    Official Android 7.1 New Features Analysis: Four Highlights Developer Gospel
  2. Round application icons: developers can provide with Pixel and other starters look fabulously beautiful circular icon resource.
  3. Enhanced metadata Live Wallpaper: Developers can provide dynamic wallpaper display any metadata to preview the picker. You can display the label, description, and author existing metadata, as well as links to more information about the new context of the Web address and title.Android 7.1 Features
  4. Image Keyboard Support: Extends from the keyboard input content types, users can customize the map, gif animation and other images to express themselves. Applications can tell the keyboard they can accept the type of content, the keyboard can output images and all other content they can provide users. To achieve a wide range of compatibility, the API is also available in supporting libraries.
  5. Storage Manager the Intent: Allows applications direct the user to the new “Settings” screen to remove files and free up storage space on the device is not in use.
    Official Android 7.1 New Features Analysis: Four Highlights Developer Gospel
  6. Introduction of a new API for the operators and the calling application to support multiple endpoints telephone calls and new configuration options.
    Google will continue to provide the development developer preview version of Android 7.1 through Android Beta project, while SDK includes a new API, build tools, documentation, and samples, as well as support for the Nexus device running applications and device simulator system image.

Android 7.1 Compatible Devices List:

Google will provide the first stable Android 7.1 update to Nexus 6, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, Nexus 9, Nexus Player, Pixel C, Android One, Pixel, Pixel XL.

Google will also collaborate with other smartphone manufacturers so that they can provide better ecosystem, to upgrade their smartphones to the latest Android system. As Everybody wants to enjoy the latest Android 7.1 features. Other will get the update approx in upcoming summer.