There are hundreds of ways for monetizing your blog. But it’s all your choice that which way you prefer to go with. You should be very careful while choosing the right way for monetizing your blog or else it is possible that you may experience failure and can’t able to make a good profit from your blog. 

Now Follow these Simple 10 Tips to Increase Adsense Revenue.

1. Cost Per Mile Advertising
 If your blog is getting a huge traffic daily but you are not getting enough clicks on your ads then you should go with this method. Cost Per Mile Advertising is an another way which is used by many bloggers.In this method you don’t have to worry that your visitors are clicking on your ads or not, you will get paid even if your visitor will make an impression on your ads. In this method you will get paid for every impression or view.  But before that I would like to inform you that if you are getting huge traffic from US and Canada then only use this method otherwise you may not get expected results. You can use Context web, the best CPM ad network for blogs.Other Ads networks like Smowtion, Tribal Fusion, Technorati media etc. are some of the most popular networks in this field.
2. Cost Per Click (CPC) or Pay Per Click (PPC) Ads
Google adsense is the first thing which comes in our mind when we talk about CPC or PPC ads. Google Adsense is one of the most popular and the highest paying advertising program which can help you a lot in making money from your blog.Ads networks like Adbrite, Chitika etc. are very good alternatives for Google Adsense though they pay little less compare to Google Adsense.  But it’s very difficult now a days to get approved by google adsense for your blog. 
3. Selling Ads Spaces on your Blog
Another good way to make money from your blog is selling your blog ads spaces. Buy Sell Ads is one of the best marketplace available online for selling your ads.You can easily make a good profit from your blog if you choose to go with this method. 
4. Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing is a trusted and mostly used method for making good money from your blog. Clickbank is the best network for affiliate marketing. In this method you have to promote products on your blog and when one buys that product you will get commission for selling the products. 
5. Writing Product Reviews
In this method you simply have to write a good quality review on products which can easily relates to your blog niche.Reviewme is the place to get product reviews. You can easily make a good amount with this method. 
 6. Text Link Ads
One of the best way to make money from your blog. As these kinds of ads doesn’t takes much ads spaces on your blog in comparison to CPC and CPM ads networks Infolinks is one of the most popular and profitable ad network if you want to use Text Link Ads on your blog. Text link ads basically shows ads on your blog content.
7. Offering services
Offering Services or Freelancing, one of the most popular jobs online. You can simply start displaying your talent or services online i.e, if you are good at something like article writing, web designing, logo designing etc. then you can Easily share with the Users.
8. Selling your Own Products
Selling your Products seems helpful to beginners and by this they can easily get pro support. Some of the features are used by pro bloggers and pro Websites Authors, This this It Can Help you more.
 9. Membership Packages
You can give premium Packages to Pro Users, give them Extra tips and Tricks So that they can Enjoy the Pro Features For Free or with Some Minor Fee. This Features make People feel good and the Best way is Give them Personal Info, In PVT Support.
10. Make money From Donations
Another way is Selling Space ads, getting donations from users. if your articles help people so much they will donate sometimes for next best articles. so, Do correct Posts that helps People for their pretty life.
Over all we have mentioned the Tips to Increase the Revenue You should try the Above and see your Earnings in the End of Month.