How To Get Rid Of Facebook Ads? The Biggest Irritation on Facebook.

Facebook earns most of the revenue from advertisements, but I personally hate so many ads in Facebook so adding this to help you all. There is no help in facebook help section for ‘How To Get Rid Of Facebook Ads’ this is simply not good for normal users. Oh, Facebook don’t wants to remove these ads. But, to get rid of these ads generated by Facebook you can use any ad-blocking extension or plugin in your browsers. There is a very popular extension named as AdPlus which blocks all the ads by itself.

When you like a page, Facebook uses your name and profile picture, to display targeted social ads. Which means you will think that it is a valuable ad. Also, this raises privacy an issue. Third-party advertisers use Facebook to promote their products and pay a good amount.

To get rid of the Facebook ads you need to understand how it works? Go to your Facebook account. Select .Account settings’ and then ‘Facebook ads.’ Select the ‘none or no one’ option under the ‘Ads shown by third-party applications.’ Scroll more and click ‘no one’ to opt out of the social ads completely. Browse facebook safely.

how to get rid of facebook ads

How To Get Rid Of Facebook Ads?

Delete the intrusive content from your page. Below down I’ll tell you how to get rid of Facebook ads on any browser. Such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, or Internet Explorer.

How To Get Rid Of Facebook Ads in Google Chrome?

How To Get Rid Of Facebook Ads in Google Chrome?

  1. Go to Chrome Web Store and search for Facebook Adblock.
  2. After accessing the link, just press “Add to Chrome.”
  3. Add it to your browser.
  4. Wait until it’s automatically installed, go & refresh the Facebook page and enjoy an ad-free Facebook experience.

How To Get Rid Of Facebook Ads in Mozilla Firefox?

How To Get Rid Of Facebook Ads in Mozilla Firefox

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox and go to add-ons page.
  2. Search for the application called “AdBye For Facebook.”
  3. Click on the “Download” button.
  4. Wait some seconds & confirm by selecting ‘Install.’
  5. Wow, wait until the automatically installation is done.
  6. Go to Facebook & enjoy your Facebook without the ads.
  7. Other extensions: Ad Blocker, Ad Killer, remove all Facebook ads.

How To Get Rid Of Facebook Ads in Opera?

How To Get Rid Of Facebook Ads in Opera

  1. Open Opera & go to the add-ons store.
  2. Search for Facebook adless & click on the green button that says “+ Add to Opera.”
  3. A pop-up message will appear & click “Install.”
  4. Whoa, it’s over.

How To Get Rid Of Facebook Ads in Safari?

How To Get Rid Of Facebook Ads in Safari

  1. After opening Safari, Go to ‘Preferences’ and select “Advanced” & Permit.
  2. Just enable the ‘develop menu.’
  3. Now, download and install FaceBlock, & you will be able to enjoy a cleaner Facebook.

Adblock Plus is the best extension if you look from the business perspective. They have all version for any browser. With this application, users can get rid of pop-ups, YouTube and Facebook ads, ads that automatically play sound or animations, banners and much more.