Meditation for Beginners (Step-wise description)

Hey Fellas,

I decided to give the daily mind hack booster to you so in the context of all of you, the motive of this post is to aware you all about your own we really want all your views about this context so we request to give your opinions about this post in your comments and if everyone will take interest we will update the content further.

So, Coming to the Point,

What is meditation??

Meditation of art of knowing own self, it is all about your mind game,w hen you are out of your mind you are meditationg even it will be for a single sec.
Some people thinks that is all about sitting 10-12 hours still closing there eyes and sitting on mountain and leaving all there all homes and meditating in there last phases of there life .
but i am sorry to all those people who thinks like that about such a beautiful thing of life.
Meditation is an art that may people artists in the there field , it can change your thoughts, beliefs and habits thus in short it changes your life.
As it is our basic first blog so i am taking the most basic so that the beginners can know in simple and effective manner about this lyf long here are some questions that can arise to your mind about this post.

Why to Meditate???

There are various reasons that will tell you the purpose of meditation, some of the scientific reasons on why to meditate are as follows:
  • you will fulfill the main purpose of your life for that the god had sent you on this earth.
  • meditation help your mind in growing fast towards all the prosperity in the words.
  • you can improve your health by meditating.
  • more increased focus and concentration powers.
  • acts as a memory booster.
  • you can attract all the happiness of this earth by meditating.
  • infinite happiness.
The great thing about this practice is that it will make you what you really are , the more you meditate the more you become yourself.

Who can meditate?

Yes from a child of 5 years to a person of 80 years anyone can meditate and get what you want.
the children are the best meditators and they will get the most of the benefits from meditation.

Be Happy Mates.