O Positive


As an O Positive donor you are incredibly important to maintaining the blood supply in our community. O Positive is the most common blood type and therefore needed by so many patients.
Annually, more than 120,000 units of blood, platelets and plasma are required to meet the needs of the hospitals we serve, and your blood type is crucial to maintaining an adequate supply. We are grateful to you for so willingly giving the “gift of life”, and through your continued commitment, we are able to maintain our heritage of service to those in need. 1 in 3 people have O+ blood (approximately 37.4% of the population).

What’s Your Type?


O+       1 in 3        37.4%
A+        1 in 3        35.7%
B+        1 in 12        8.5%
AB+     1 in 29        3.4%
O-        1 in 15        6.6%
A-        1 in 16        6.3%
B-        1 in 67        1.5%
AB-     1 in 167        .6%
Source: America’s Blood Centers

Compatible Blood Types

O- can receive O-
O+ can receive O+, O-
A- can receive A-, O-
A+ can receive A+, A-, O+, O-
B- can receive B-, O-
B+ can receive B+, B-, O+, O-
AB- can receive AB-, B-, A-, O-
AB+ can receive AB+, AB-, B+, B-, A+,  A-,  O+,  O-

Compatible Plasma Types


O  can receive O, A, B, AB
A  can receive A, AB
B  can receive B, AB
AB  can receive AB
 O+ is thus the universal donor and found very less an saves thousands of life daily. The person with  O+ blood group are soem what more special and thanks everyone for reading.