LeECO Lemax Pro

Have you seen this already?  No, They are all over the social media channels and news. Letv re-branded as LeECO, a global internet company is releasing their smartphones in India on 20th January and they’ve been teasing it all over their channels about their phones.
Seems like they are releasing two phones including the Giant LeMax and the comfortable Le 1s. However they haven’t given any hints on launching Le 1s till now and there are only two days left and i hope they give us the hint for launching Le 1s since it’s the best device so far in the range of 12k to 15k.

Update from LeEco Facebook Page. [ LE 1S ]
  1. 2k Resolution. 6.33inch Display: #PalmLeFuture
LeEco Community

The Size of Display is 6.33”, It’s Slightly Big But a Worth Package. and The most amazing thing about this Device is ‘Amazing Screen-to-body ratio‘. On LeEco Community they posted a Thread regarding this particular teaser. We did hands-on session of LeTV’s LeMAX Pro and in Terms of Display. It was Simply Amazing. Do you know the Display Support 2K Resolution with 464ppi.

2. 21MP rear camera, OIS, and dual-tone flash
LeECO Comm. // Back of LeMAX PRO

The Le Max, on the other hand, fits right in your pocket, and it’s 21MP rear camera is a perfect fit for aspiring photographers and Selfie Lovers. You are? The front camera sports a 5P lens and F2.0 aperture.

LeECO Community

LeEco Juiced up Optical Image Stabilization for steady shots, that works even when shooting in low-light environments. Dual-tone flash also helps to ensure that you can shoot at any time, day or night, and come out with quality images.

If noise reduction is a concern, never fear, the Le Max captures images with true colors, using a dual 14 bit ISP image processor. It’s also equipped with Sony’s flagship IMX230 sensor which makes higher image quality and improved the functionality.

3.  128GB of internal storage, 4GB of RAM
LeEco Community

The idea of using a third-party SD card purchased from any number of mysterious online retailers just didn’t sit right with us. We can guarantee the quality of every one of our #SuperProducts, but can’t say the same for other developers. – LeEco Said.

Now we need ample room for 4K videos, HDR photos and high-quality audio files. How does 64GB of internal memory sound? Better yet, how about 128GB? -LeEco teasing about 128 Gb Models.

Don’t drive yourself nuts searching for answers to these questions, just #PalmLeFuture. There’s no need to lug around a laptop just so you have a place to put all your content. We know the image of a personal computer is that it’s just faster, that it somehow trumps the tech specs of a smartphone. But this couldn’t be further from the truth. Our Le Max packs 4GB of LPDDR4 RAM to prove any naysayers otherwise. Multitasking is a breeze, and even 3D gaming runs seamlessly. -Few Words of LeEco.

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