Phantom DroneFor a long time, there are rumors that Xiaomi plans to enter the quadrocopters market. Drones continue to be big business around the world and it’s China that is leading the charge. With popularity and growth in sales for quad-copters, it’s not surprising that Xiaomi has been rumored to be working on a similar product.

Interestingly Xiaomi was close to launching a drone at one point last year but decided against it as it looked too similar to DJI models,
but the idea of them producing a drone is still very much alive.


Xiaomi drone made by a team of Chinese quad-copter specialists could use a future Xiaomi Mi Band to track the user.

According to rumors, Mi Drone is equipped with a camera, and you can purchase it for $ 106. According to rumors, the company has launched the production of the first 10 000 units and introduce new product along with Xiaomi Mi5 February 24.