Galaxy Note 7 was an evil memory for a whole Samsung company. Now, Samsung to save their high-end image on the entire burden to the next generation of its flagship Galaxy S8. It is expected by the end of February next year.

News from the supply chain that now has been confirmed, Galaxy S8 will be equipped with iris recognition, dual camera technologies.

Galaxy S8

Iris recognition was one of the largest innovation on 7 Note, Now coming to Galaxy S8.

Samsung is working with partners to improve the technology, including the recognition precision and speed range of applications and so on. Galaxy S8 will feature this technology with a different variant model. Currently Samsung is recycling Note 7 to S8 for a better use and lesser loss.

Galaxy S8

The dual camera we believe will become one of the standard of the future high-end flagship. Samsung S8 is expected to adopt two completely different cameras, one from Sony and Samsung’s own, respectively, 12 million and 13 million pixels, but the specific details are temporarily not available.