We have some of the best tools in SEO; we want to share with you all, to improve the performance of your websites or your blog.Google algo are changing time to time, so it’s best to stay updated and awakened with some protocols.

Some SEO Tools for Bloggers:

1.Google Sitemap Generator:

This tool is helpful in fixing the broken links in your website, which is very much essential for you as well as the readers because nobody wants to get stuck with a blog after clicking. It prepares reports where you can find the broken links, redirects, and site crawl errors. Click here for Google Sitemap Generator.

2. Meta link Generator:

Metalinks define Google and other search engines what the content on each page of your site is about. Meta descriptions make it easier for others to find your site in search engines. You should enter a list of relevant keywords and a short description of your page, and the tool will create a list of meta tags that can be used on your blog/website. Click here for Meta Tag Generator

3. Keyword Position Checker:

Though you have used several keywords in your website you can’t be so sure that those keywords are helping your website to get higher rank in search result pages. Hence we have to use a tool which will help us to get the proper repost. It will check results from Google, Yahoo, and MSN/Bing to see what position your site holds for a specified keyword phrase. This tool offers you a free tool to check the position of the keyword for your website in a major search enginesGoogle. Click here for Keyword Position Checker.

4. Page Speed Tool:

If your site is too slow, Google will affect your SEO practices on your website, and you will lose visitors who will leave your site just because the site is not loading fast on their browser. In this case, the PageSpeed tools are designed to help you optimize the performance of your website.  Click here for Page Speed Tool.

5. On-Page Optimizer:

 Internal links, meta information and page contents play very important roles for the search spiders results. This tool analyzes your web page based on the latest search engine algorithms and gives you tuning advice to help your website appear higher in search ranking. Click here for On-Page Optimizer.
I hope these SEO tools might help you Bloggers, Don’t forget to share the information with your mates.