1Maybe sometimes we feel disturbed by the many ads are visible on the website, when we are browsing using the Safari browser on the iPhone or iPad. for that we can handle it and hide the ads that do not interfere with us, and how, does this work? yes, we can certainly can use Presto application of Liquidum Limited.

Presto Ad Block is an application on iOS that is used to hide or remove the ads in the safari browser. Presto can help save bandwidth on the packet data and protecting the privacy of users of iOS.


But not all the ads on the website detriment, because some of the ads are actually helping us search for products or goods which we want. If you really do not need the ads you can follow the following tutorial to install Presto application.

Presto main features:

  • Block all banner, popup, and video ads.
    – Block ads to reduce your usage of mobile data and save money.
    – Block ads and web pages load faster for a cleaner & better browsing experience.
    – Block ads and get the best built-in privacy protection with anti-tracking.
    – Language-specific block lists.
    – Blocking ads start right away with the easy-to-use interface. Run the app once and go.
    – Frequent, blazing-fast updates and optimized block lists from our own dedicated server.
    – Free, responsive support.
    1. Download Presto – Safari Adblock free on the App Store.


2.Run to the application.

3. Tap “Launch Ad-Free safari”.2


4. All the ads that appear in the browser before will automatically disappear.