Hi everyone,During the last few days there was a release of MIUI 8 Dev and it is truly the best one. It is available for all the MI phones as well as Redmi series. It had many Alpha testers for testing the ROM right from Alpa stage and the Beta team also contributed to the MIUI as their Prime job. MIUI 8 Global was recently announced at MI Max Launch. The Global Rom is about to release on July 11 as beta and but first lets review this rom to see the Changes and the Improvements. Check MIUI 8 Review!

Setting up the Device – First Boot

MIUI 8 has colors redesigned with phone booting up for the first time with MIUI 8 image on a white Background with the next button on it. It is a complete change when compared with MIUI 7 where there used to be an Orange-coloured Background. On clicking next we get an option of Choosing our Desired Language Like Chinese or English. I preferred using English and tapping on next to continue the Process and an option of Connecting with my desired WLAN Network.

On next few clicks, we find the Terms and conditions of MIUI and agree to it to proceed for further Setup. Next, it checks for Find Device Status if the device was previously linked with any Mi account, if not we get to Sign-In with the Mi Account and connect the device to Mi Cloud to restore the Data if it had been on the Cloud.
We have some additional Features like to activate Find Device where we can Locate,Lock or Alarm the device in case we lost it from i.mi.com. The Mi voice is another upgrade with free calling to other fellow MIUI devices owners with an Internet connection. Restoring from Mi Cloud Backup is another useful feature to load any saved/Backup files from the Integrated Mi Cloud.
Yes, The most amazing feature of the Devices with Fingerprint Sensor is available to set up on the First boot itself. It requires a Pattern/PIN/Password in cases if the Fingerprint sensor did not work. Next is to Tap on the sensor for 15-20 times and then “You are ready to Rock”.
Note : The Fingerprint setup is available only for those devices wich have a Finger Print sensor in it. The devices are Redmi Note 3, Redmi 3/Pro, Mi 5, Mi Max.
Next is to enable some Additional Settings, Like Location and the User experience program. Then we have a Feature for what MIUI is known for,Its Themes and Customization where we can choose from 5 Default themes which have been updated from MIUI 7 and the Setup is Complete.

UI – First Impression | MIUI 8 Review

Same as MIUI 6 and 7 it asks you to pinch to edit your Home screen and the Icons on the very First boot looks excellent wit some new colors to Weather, Gallery, Browser Icons
The Notification bar is completely Revamped, With just one layout for Notification or Toggles and the color of Notification bar changes according to the weather, if it is a sunny day then cool rill be green and if it is a clear sky then Purple color would take it over. It can also be changed fromSettings->Notification & status bar -> Notification Layout-> Separate to make the Notification and Toggles separate if you are not comfortable with Former and love MIUI 7.


The Call Interface is redesigned with better looks . The Recieve button is in the center and Rounded and message button switching its position compared to MIUI 7. The speaker and Notes icon have exchanged their position and the Notes icon is Important while taking down the Number and is very handy. On receiving the Call, the New MIUI 8 adds style to these with Rounded End button and Loudspeaker option Beside it. Call option while Receiving or Dialing has good animations making to enjoy the UI to its best.
 The Dial Pad has some Significant changes with a Bigger Call button and a better way to sort out the Call list Including the option of Calls from Unknown Numbers. The Menu for the call is placed beside the Call button and Bigger icon rather than a drop down list as seen in MIUI 7. The New contact option also has a centered Image adding option.
The Folder view is great and does not have any noticeable Change with an option to Enable/Disable the recommended apps.
The widgets remain same and the widgets of the system settings like Sound,Wifi and also the widgets of third Party apps like Whatsapp can be added too.
The recent apps menu has some handy features now,where you can make the apps icon big by just tapping on the option on the Top Right Corner and vice versa. When the apps are cleared,the background is blurred.There is also a Music player added to the top of the Recent Menu.

Settings – Key to Change  | MIUI 8 Review

The settings menu is Long and has a small Icon beside each option and is arranged well. It also has a search bar to search any specific settings if not found.

About Phone – MIUI 8 Review Global

MIUI MUSIC Application Improved Now!

The Music app retains the features which were present in the last versions, Like Song Recognition,Lyrics etc. There isn’t much Noticeable change but there are slight changes in the settings of Music player.The Music player can also be accessed from the Recent Apps tray.

 The Weather App | MIU 8 Review

The weather app has changed from its predecessor and it changes its color according to the weather. Now it also has a 5 day Forecast and hourly Forecast. The weather app is also accessible from the Notification bar and it is responsible for those awesome color changes.

The Security App in MIUI 8

The Security app remains same but the Battery option has been changed to battery saver and optimizes battery for Longer use. It also cools down battery usage and shows the Battery Temperature, Status and remaining Juice in it.

Camera App:

The overall interface of the camera has been improved and new features are included which are easily noticeable. There is no right or left swiping, all the modes are present directly in the camera app. The camera quality is really nice and Improved. Clicking on modes gives you additional options like HHT, Manual, Timer, Panorama and Scene mode. We also have video recording option with Time lapse or Slow motion.

The Gallery App It has Evolved and made simple with Images sorted by date and in Album section there is a small image with Album name and Picture count.Now you can quick share your contents by “swiping up” which will open the share option just like Send Option. Now gallery is better optimized and as a result, it is 90% space efficient.

Calendar App:

MIUI 8 has some significant changes in the Calendar app with every month having a different color like June is Orange and March is Green. Events also have their own color like the below event has the alarm at Night hence the color is Night Blue.

Notes App

It is completely changed which was seen in Launch and has Tiles layout for bigger Words and can also be changed to List view like the Evernote app. The color of the background can be changed and It applies to the whole screen and there are some great background colors to be applied. Just Like the File Explorer, Notes can also be hidden by sliding down from the top and can be secured using a PIN/Password or a Pattern.

Mi Account App:

The app remains same with Mi wallet, Mi credit all being in it. The Mi cloud syncs all the Images,Videos and Wi-Fi passwords too. It also shows the connected accounts and the Devices to it which aren’t changed from the last version.

Updater App | MIUI 8 Review

The Updater has a White background with MIUI 8 at the top in Bubbles and has some great look.

Messaging App :

It has some Minor changes including a dot on a message which is Unread. It continues to follow MIUI 7 feature of Slide to mark a message as Read. Again we have the same feature to slide down for hiding our Private Chats. The option to add some Images,Video or Vcard looks good wit bigger and black colored Icons. Important Message, don’t want it to get mixed all other? You can now Pin the message up by selecting it and Pinning it up just like on a forum. The Pinned messages have a blue mark on it indicating its Sticked.

Recorder App

The recorder app has changed its color from boring black to supercharged Blue and white color. While recording there is a movement of sound waves. The Mark and Recording buttons are beside the main Record button

Contacts App

The contact app in MIUI 8 has some very well design. the white background in MIUI 8 makes contacts name clearer than the previous UI, the add option is now a rounded button and a stick option which makes more contact names visible at a time. Tere is equal space left at both sides making te frame much clear, One of the space is filled with letters for easier Navigation. When creating/adding a new contact, the image for the contact is shifted to the top.
Viewing a contact, Menu option for Blocking or deleting a contact is shifted up and more space is available at the bottom. The Edit option is floating button placed in the right corner. The Share, history, and favorite are placed above the contact details and Each contact has different style background.

Theme Store | MIUI 8 Review

Sometimes you would not like to visit the General store, But this store is the highlight of the Customization in MIUI 8 and I frequently visit it. The Theme store has a number of changes starting from the Colored top search bar. There are changes in Customization menu with only 8 options in the display, the Lock screen, and Home screen options are shifted to the wallpaper section, the backup theme option is at the bottom of the screen . For Offline section, the delete button is placed in top right part.

MIUI 8 New Features – Simplifying Life, Long Screenshot

Tired of taking 5-10 screenshots of a List, or want to send some extended steps of Recipes? Now there is No need of taking 5-10 screenshots of the same page or list. With Long Screenshots, you can scroll a screenshot and make it longer than what appeared on the screen. Not only long,you can also trim or edit a screenshot to remove some unwanted length items. To take a Long screenshot, Take a screenshot and tap on its small preview on tap scroll and make it longer.

MIUI 8 Quick Ball

Want to directly go to Settings or take a screenshot in a Jiffy? Then MIUI 8 has a right Feature for you Namely – Quick Ball. The Quick ball is like a touch Assistant which helps you to easily navigate to any apps, You can set up to 5 options, which can be system settings, Screenshot,Torch or any app which you want.

Dual Apps | MIUI 8 Review

Who would not like to use two apps at a time, So MIUI 8 fulfilled this time by giving the option to use two apps at a time without Rooting or any Mod. The Method to enable Dual Apps is Simple, Go to Settings -> Dual Apps-> Tap on the app you want to make a clone and its done. This app is really useful for Messaging apps or for games like Clash of Clans.

Second Space | MIUI 8 Review

Used Dual apps, Want More? The second space creates a whole new phone in your mobile, It is like having two Phones in One. In second Space, you can import your files,contacts,Photos from First space and Vice Versa. Second space again has most of the features like Security app, Camera, Scanner, App store etc. You can always switch back to first space and there will be a Notification that you still have your Second space. For Moving from one space to another You need a different password.

Scanner App Updated | MIUI 8 Review

The Scanner App of the MIUI 8 has improved a Lot from the last one. It now can be used for 6 different Features rather than one in MIUI 7. From scanning QR code to solving Maths Problems it is a Major upgrade in MIUI 8 for sure. It can also translate Languages giving 6 options of translation to Chinese and 1 option to translate to English. The app can also be used for shopping, just click a Picture of the product you want to shop and then you land on a page with a similar product. The business card option is used to scan a card and save the details as a Contact but it is not accurate and scans many times. The last option is the Document, it is used to capture and save a document. It is same as CamScanner or Office lens which is famous third party Document Scanning Apps. But the Document scanning has very Limited functions and not like the Camscanner. It captures the Document and crops it and then we can adjust according to our Needs.